It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.
— Mother Teresa

In partnership with Moringa For Life, we are raising money with Moringa products for various projects. These projects are the work of The Moringa Certification Course.

When you buy these products, you are helping support these projects.

CURRENTLY: Donations and 10% of purchases will be help support the Central American caravan in Tijuana. Click below for more information on what is happening in Tijuana, Mexico.

climate change map.jpg

Climate Change Impact

highest mal nutrition in the world.jpg

Map of the World Where There is the Most Amount of Mal Nutrition

where moringa grows best in the world.jpg

Map of the World Where Moringa Grows Best

One can easily see that when we work in the areas where Moringa grows best, we impact the areas where there is the most amount of mal nutrition and human suffering And where climate change is having devastating impacts. This belt around the planet is the focus of establishing Moringa as a vital source of nutrition, medicines and water clarification..

In areas already challenged with mal-nutrition, weather impacts are even harder to recover from. This is why it is essential for us to solve these issues in these areas. By using our 20 year experience working with Moringa, we can show how these areas can become climate change resilient. It is possible and it is simple.

We seek partners to collaborate with us in developing Resilience Recovery Kits, employing local farmers and economies for production of these kits. These kits would be created and safe warehoused in the region where weather and war are hitting the most vulnerable and dropped shipped in times of need.

Our work has a broader use year round and not only when there are climate impacts.

Our mission it to bring this education to areas of most need and collaborate with agencies and governments for the common goal of raising our world into a time of peace and prosperity.

Join us.